🐶😎🐶 Each week we will introduce you to one of our 40 super star dogs. Today it is Sacapus’ turn to be under the spotlight ! 😎🐶😎

🐕🐕🐕 Sacapus was born on 2014, September 12th, out of Oumiack and Caesar. It was Oumiack’s second litter at age 7. Oumiack is the mother of 12 of our dogs, and the grandmother and great grandmother of 8 of them. She was our first sled dog. Caesar was not one of our dogs, he was a sprint sled dog born at Arleigh Reynolds kennel in Alaska, a world championship kennel. He was an exceptional dog and is greatly missed. 7 puppies were born that day, and the theme chosen to name them was the French cartoon Astérix. Sacapus was named after the Roman character Marcus Sacapus. Sacapus also means in French ” bag of lice ” ( “sac à puces” ) .

All the dogs from this litter are very energetic, enthusiastic, expressive and vocal. They like to draw attention to them, bouncing around and talking a lot. And Sacapus is definitely no exception ! He is a super affectionate, hard working dog. His only flaw is that he’s a very picky eater which is definitely not a good thing for a sled dog, as we’re more looking for dogs who wolf down everything we offer them so they can keep their weight when it’s super cold and after a hard work ! Sacapus can go anywhere in the team, he’s even become a very good gee haw lead dog.