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Dog Sledding Tours

Full Day Dog Sled Tour

Our signature dog sledding tour will take you through 48 kms of beautiful trails. You will cross frozen lakes, climb a mountain, test your agility on narrow, challenging bush trails and encounter history while travelling on old mining roads.

During your lunch break you will enjoy the breathtaking view over Fish Lake, have some time to pet your loyal sled dogs and get some well deserved rest. You will need it with a total elevation gain of over 800 meters!

It is a true challenging wilderness experience in which you will be one with your sled dogs, huffing and puffing with them going up the hills and sharing with them the thrill of dog sledding down the slopes. You will be amazed by their commitment, loyalty and never-ending energy.

Price per person, + 5% gst
One person per sled
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Pick up and drop off in
downtown Whitehorse available:
$15 per person
Winter clothing included

Half Day Dog Sled Tour

If you do not feel like a true adventurer but still would like to get a taste of the thrill of driving a team of sled dogs, our half day dog sledding tour is for you. It will take you down an old mining road, flat, wide and easy for the most part. If you would like more action you can opt instead for a more challenging route that will take you on backcountry trails to some beautiful lakes.

You will learn how to drive your team of sled dogs like a real musher and a bond will develop between your canine partners and you.

Beware you don’t get hooked… dog sledding is highly addictive ! But no worry, after this introduction to the wonderful world of sled dogs you can still sign up for one of our longer tours…

Price per person, + 5% gst
One person per sled
10:00am to 1:30
2:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Pick up and drop off in
downtown Whitehorse available:
$15 per person
Winter clothing included


You will drive your own sled dog team. Nobody sits in the sled. If that is what you would like to do there are other companies in Whitehorse who offer that kind of tour.

You’ll have 4 to 5 sled dogs per team, depending on the length of the tour, the snow conditions, your experience and abilities.

We like to have small groups with no more than four people.

You will have an experienced guide certified in wilderness first aid and carrying a first aid kit. He will lead the group with his own dog team. We do not use snowmobiles, except sometimes at the beginning of the tour.

We have winter gear available for you to  borrow: boots, snow pants, mitts and parkas. Please bring gloves, hat, neck warmer or balaclava, good winter socks and warm underwear. You will spend a lot of time standing on the runners so please dress warmly.

Dog sledding requires you to be in a relatively good physical shape. The physical demand can be compared to cross country skiing, though a bit easier as the dogs do most of the job! But you will have to help them a lot when going up hill.

An introduction will be given to you prior to the tour. You will learn how to drive your sled, use the brake, give commands to the dogs, and also how to handle the dogs, harness them and hook them up. We like to consider our dog sled tours as a learning experience as well as a sportive one. After the tour there will be time to spend with the dogs, pet them and answer all your questions.

As you will see our dogs are well trained and very friendly. We will not tolerate any poor handling of them. It is very important that you listen to the instructions carefully as they can get injured easily if you hit them with your sled. You really have to keep your foot on the brake especially at the beginning and when going down hill.

Minimum required age is 10. We will soon offer tours for kids 6 yo and older.

Reservation and cancellation policy


  • Half Day : 220 $ + gst  ( about 2 hours on the trail, more than 3 hours in total )
  • Full Day : 350 $ + gst ( 4 to 5 hours on the trail, at least 6 hours in total )
  • Pick up to/from Whitehorse is 15$ + gst per person
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars

Payment procedures

A deposit of 50% is required to validate your booking for any day trip. Full payment due 30 days prior to the start of the trip.

Cancellation policy

  • Until 30 days before start date : 75% of total will be refunded
  • 29 – 15 days before start date : 50% of total will be refunded
  • 14 – 7 days before start date  : 25% of total will be refunded
  • 6 days before and less : no refund possible

If  we have to cancel a tour because of bad weather, lack of snow or any other safety reason there will be a total refund.

 We do not require a minimum number of participants, so the tour will happen even if you are the only one to book that day.